Maximize the effectiveness of your practice times! As a coach, you know first-hand that hearing your instructions will determine whether or not your player executes the play correctly. This could make the difference between victory and defeat. There is nothing better than the positive impact a coach can have on their players’ lives, so make sure you’re heard.

Game Time!

Yelling during practice can cause serious damage, sometimes keeping you from voicing on game day. So make sure you’ve saved your voice for when it counts most! With a voice amplifier you can rest assured that your voice will still be strong when the chips are down.

Our SoniVox® Waistband Amplifier is perfect for coaches who are on the go and need amplification in all locations. It’s small and powerful, and will deliver high quality sound to your team.

Both the BoomVox® and SoniVox® offer fully portable Amplification. Both offer a light, almost imperceptible noise-cancelling wireless microphone, for maximum comfort and effectiveness. So, whether you want the maximum volume of the BoomVox®, or the unrivaled portability of the SoniVox®... Make Your Voice Count!℠